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Batman Carves Economic Niche in Film (& Villain) History

the dark knight

Just how much did “The Dark Knight” gross at the box office this weekend? $158.4 million (CN Portfolio)

But compared to previous versions, Batman is earning less over time. In fact, the first Batman film in 1989, starring Michael Keaton, grossed about $436.4 million.

Gallery: Best & Worst Batman Villains (
Best: The Joker, of course, but Danny DeVito as The Penguin was grim – both sad and gothically disturbing: that funeral, those dark circles, him hitting on Catwoman. Cringe.

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Well .. I hope to see someone try to play Penguin better than de Vito

Comment by Batman Villains

why is Adam West’s batman left off that comparison of Bat actors??? did he not create a viable Batman? longer than George Clooney and i see his stupid mug on that list! Dude was awesome at the time. COME ON!

Comment by ray

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