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And we’re back!

It’s been a  few PLUS months since I’ve blogged.

Some highlights from the offline experience:

I attended all of the Flux Factory Going Places (Doing Stuff) tours. I met an African from Greenland who became my French tutor. I published articles for NY Daily News and Filter. I grew my calves while in San Francisco. I saw Charlotte Gainsbourg live. I appeared in a Marie Losier film, Slap the Gondola!, featuring Genesis P-Orridge, Tony Conrad and April March. I moved to Queens. I attended a ChatRoulette party with a side of RuPaul’s Drag Race. AND I started biking 12 miles a day.

Also, it’s Armory Week – which means not only enough art for your heart’s content (and beyond), BUT a plethora of parties.

Tonight’s agenda: TheDangerNacotheque’s 4th Anniversary Party thrown by my friend, Amylu.

Here’s to the beginning – see you there.



First, the sculpture:

142 11th Ave, New York City, New York.

A presentation of memory, iron and glass.
Built by Emma, curated by David Hunt.

7pm through Midnight.

There are locations in this city with a history and energy so powerful
their story can galvanize a community. 142 11th Ave, New York City, New
York is the former site of the world’s most infamous leather bar: The
Eagle’s Nest. From 1970 through March 5th, 2000, the space held nights of
passion, beauty, conflict and controversy.

This is the story of an icon.

This Friday, March 5th, ten years to the day of the closing of The Eagle’s
Nest, you are invited to experience an art installation exploring the
fragility of infamy, the passing of phenomenon and the power that
memories hold. “142 11th Ave, New York City, New York” is an outsized
installation of 88 pieces of  etched glass, wrought iron and an all
encompassing sound composition hosted within the now vacant Eagles Nest.

Absolutely Free

Located at: 142 11th Ave. at the Corner of 21st Street.
Friday, 7pm through Midnight

[ Note: Just to be clear, this is a presentation of a sculpture, not a
party. ]

Next, the performance: SUPERCONDUCTOR:

Honey Space is pleased to present SUPERCONDUCTOR, an installation by
Daphane Park.  Informed by various alternative Western healing
technologies and shamanistic rituals, SUPERCONDUCTOR is composed of a set
of “objects of performance”, an original soundtrack, and a daily, 3-hour
performance by the artist.

Located at: 143 11th Ave. between 21st and 22nd.

Finally, the art auction/party: Swimming Cities.

Swimming Cities is a diverse and evolving collaboration of artists,
builders, and visionaries who come together each year to embark on a
challenging large-scale project. Originally united through our common
friendship and talent by the international artist Swoon, the group traces
its roots back to the DIY raft project on the Mississippi River, the “Miss
Rockaway Armada”.

Taking a new waterway each year, the project creates a vivid community of
artists floating into towns to present an inspiring, interactive
environment that encompasses art, sculpture, music and performance. Each
year the Swimming Cities conceives new rafts and builds them with mostly
found materials in an organic design process. The multi-layered and
uncommon talents of our members inspire us to continuously lookfor new
ways to materialize our style of unique living art.

This fundraising event will fund the building of the next project.

Music by: $mall Change, Matt Shadetek and 2Melo.
56 Walker St., Tribeca : $10 door, 7pm to 1am.


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