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March 10, 2010, 4:32 am
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The Armory Show this past weekend was a dizzy array of commercial art. As with any massive expo, the results were overwhelming (i.e. last year’s photography exhibit, AIPAD). Notably there was a nude painted lady nonchalantly perusing the corridors as a swarm of amateur photographers surrounded her. Apparently she’s an artist who was hired by Armory to walk. And most interestingly were the conversations overheard: A gallerist expressing that he/she was most concerned with the canvases going into “good homes” (Apparently art is a lost puppy.), a person on the phone said, “Baby, we should buy it now but you should come down and take a look at it first”, “$150,000 is kind of a lot of money” (“Yeah, Honey, money might be tight this month with two paychecks going towards this canvas. However, it might be worth it. Let’s sleep on it”).

for more photos, visit Flickr

And we’re back!

It’s been a  few PLUS months since I’ve blogged.

Some highlights from the offline experience:

I attended all of the Flux Factory Going Places (Doing Stuff) tours. I met an African from Greenland who became my French tutor. I published articles for NY Daily News and Filter. I grew my calves while in San Francisco. I saw Charlotte Gainsbourg live. I appeared in a Marie Losier film, Slap the Gondola!, featuring Genesis P-Orridge, Tony Conrad and April March. I moved to Queens. I attended a ChatRoulette party with a side of RuPaul’s Drag Race. AND I started biking 12 miles a day.

Also, it’s Armory Week – which means not only enough art for your heart’s content (and beyond), BUT a plethora of parties.

Tonight’s agenda: TheDangerNacotheque’s 4th Anniversary Party thrown by my friend, Amylu.

Here’s to the beginning – see you there.



First, the sculpture:

142 11th Ave, New York City, New York.

A presentation of memory, iron and glass.
Built by Emma, curated by David Hunt.

7pm through Midnight.

There are locations in this city with a history and energy so powerful
their story can galvanize a community. 142 11th Ave, New York City, New
York is the former site of the world’s most infamous leather bar: The
Eagle’s Nest. From 1970 through March 5th, 2000, the space held nights of
passion, beauty, conflict and controversy.

This is the story of an icon.

This Friday, March 5th, ten years to the day of the closing of The Eagle’s
Nest, you are invited to experience an art installation exploring the
fragility of infamy, the passing of phenomenon and the power that
memories hold. “142 11th Ave, New York City, New York” is an outsized
installation of 88 pieces of  etched glass, wrought iron and an all
encompassing sound composition hosted within the now vacant Eagles Nest.

Absolutely Free

Located at: 142 11th Ave. at the Corner of 21st Street.
Friday, 7pm through Midnight

[ Note: Just to be clear, this is a presentation of a sculpture, not a
party. ]

Next, the performance: SUPERCONDUCTOR:

Honey Space is pleased to present SUPERCONDUCTOR, an installation by
Daphane Park.  Informed by various alternative Western healing
technologies and shamanistic rituals, SUPERCONDUCTOR is composed of a set
of “objects of performance”, an original soundtrack, and a daily, 3-hour
performance by the artist.

Located at: 143 11th Ave. between 21st and 22nd.

Finally, the art auction/party: Swimming Cities.

Swimming Cities is a diverse and evolving collaboration of artists,
builders, and visionaries who come together each year to embark on a
challenging large-scale project. Originally united through our common
friendship and talent by the international artist Swoon, the group traces
its roots back to the DIY raft project on the Mississippi River, the “Miss
Rockaway Armada”.

Taking a new waterway each year, the project creates a vivid community of
artists floating into towns to present an inspiring, interactive
environment that encompasses art, sculpture, music and performance. Each
year the Swimming Cities conceives new rafts and builds them with mostly
found materials in an organic design process. The multi-layered and
uncommon talents of our members inspire us to continuously lookfor new
ways to materialize our style of unique living art.

This fundraising event will fund the building of the next project.

Music by: $mall Change, Matt Shadetek and 2Melo.
56 Walker St., Tribeca : $10 door, 7pm to 1am.

P.S. 1 for the pool

Leandro Erlich

The P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center in Long Island City is one of my favorite places. As a former school building, the architecture invokes childhood nostalgia at once dreamy and institutionally spooky – a prime backdrop for a museum or as a friend would, say, “projecting.”

Currently, “Jonathan Horowitz: And/Or”, a higher profile exhibition, features “subversive” pop cultural references mingled with politics, consumerism and celebrity. Including a quote from Jane Fonda about not being a “dime a dozen” blonde bombshell, but rather a citizen with a cause. Otherwise, she’d be “dead like Monroe.”

However, if you’re strapped for time, visit the swimming pool by Leandro Erlich, an extensive installation of a transparent pool and deck ceiling, where visitors can hang out below the transparency in a luminous bungalow “under” the water that makes one feel cradled in an unnaturally dry, non-buoyant – but morale boosting – environment.

Animalania @ Fuse Gallery
February 24, 2009, 12:46 am
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Robin Schwartz

Photo: Robin Schwartz

Lovers of art and living creatures collaborated to deliver, Animalania, an exhibition of quirky vintage animal photographs curated by fashion photographer, Aliya Naumoff. Among the show’s contributing artists are Danielle Levitt, James Iha, Kristin Schaal, Spike Jonze, Karen O and Nick Zinner. All proceeds from the show will be donated to the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). Awhile ago I wrote a piece about another ASPCA-related event.

Animalania is on display at Fuse Gallery through March 14. The works can also be viewed online here.

Art Makes Eye Contact @ Secret Project Robot


Black Label crafter bikes and gallery scenesters littered Secret Project Robot (also Flux Factory’s former location) Saturday night for “Art Makes Eye Contact”, a benefit for Swoon’s Transformazium project in Braddock, PA. As a follow up to the acclaimed Swimming Cities of the Switchback Sea endeavor this summer, Transformazium will transform a church space, incorporating artistic collaboration, surrounding resources and the community itself. Besides the vegan-friendly BBQ were “raffle strippers” – or, a boy and a girl who circulated the opening completely naked if not for the raffle tickets on their bods. The raffle included a trip for two to Braddock with accommodations and a walking tour, fine tattoos and works by Swoon and Barry McGee.

Notable rogue taxidermist, Nate Hill, also made an appearance, dressed in a milkman ensemble (complete with mini milk jugs and carrier).

October’s jampacked. Lookout:

Tue (Oct 14) – Films made in/about Braddock @ Secret Project Robot, 210 Kent, BK

Sat (Oct 18) – Dance Party, 10 pm @ Secret Project Robot

Sat (Oct 25) – Black Label BIKE KILL

Thur (Oct 30) – Flux (Farewell) Halloween Party (a k a the before the building’s leveled), 38-38 43rd St. in Long Island City

Fri (Oct 31) – Nate Hill’s unveiling of E.V.E. (the feminine to A.D.A.M.) at 915 Wyckoff Ave. in Ridgewood, Queens

Botched wheatpasting makes for peculiar art
September 15, 2008, 8:48 pm
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If you’ve been to SculptureCenter in Long Island City, you’ve probably noticed the fluorescent yellow-green rock lawn outside the building. The experience is remarkable in the sense that I felt like I was in one of those black and white cult movie posters with a neon graphic splashed across the surface. Anyhow, while there, I encountered this artist who attempted to fix a half-botched wheatpasting job to no avail. Poor guy – though, perhaps, an interesting performance piece while he alternated one arm versus the other to keep the thing up.


Switchback Sea Project Drops Anchor in Long Island City


Swoon’s remarkable floating sculptures, which were well worth the wait, arrived to a welcoming band and packed pier at Deitch Studios on Sunday. An irreverent crew member named Stephen stumbled onto the platform and jokingly balked, “What’s all this?”




“It’s Soup!”

The exhibition also had a piece featuring Soup, friend and subject throughout photographs by Tod Seelie and The Polaroid Kidd.

Soup by Swoon

Photo: Luna Park

Soup by Tod Seelie

Photo: Tod Seelie

Swoon's opening at Deitch Projects

More waiting…
Swoon's opening at Deitch Projects

A bit more…(I like this guy)
Swoon's opening at Deitch Projects



Marie Losier OUTTAKES

Photo: Marie Losier


Marie Losier OUTTAKES at Luxe Gallery on Sunday, September 7th

Docking of Swoon’s Swimming Cities of the Switchback Sea project at Deitch Studios in Long Island City on Sept 7th.

OH Canada: The underdog of human trafficking (VICE)

Oprah would love to have Sarah Palin on her show, but not until after the election. Sorry, Pals. (NY Daily News)

Gallery of Vampires in Movies. All time favorite: Christopher Lee as Dracula (NY Daily News)

In T Mag:

Javier Bardem Interview
Olympic attire in the vein of iconic designers: “10”
Photo essay inside the community known as the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Slideshow of Naomi Watts’ “Many Selves”

Swoon Swoon Swoon

Photo: bluecinema

Tonight’s agenda: a one-hour play aboard the floating sculptures sponsored by the much-loved, Swoon, as part of her “Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea” project. As you may recall, the Going Places (Doing Stuff) tour paid a brief visit to the docked pieces upstate for a sneak peek a couple weekends ago – which was, to say the least, a pleasant surprise since we didn’t know where were headed on the tour (a k a the point of it all). The project will make its way along the Hudson River and open at Deitch Studios in Long Island City, Queens on Sept. 7th.



Riverside Park Pier 1, 70th St. and Hudson River

8pm, FREE


Previous collaborations by Swoon:

Miss Rockaway Armada

Swoon, Chris Stain, The Polaroid Kidd in Paris

Swoon and Monica Canilao

Week Wrap Up

carla bruni1

Carla Bruni as a modern Jackie O, Sarkozy’s femininistic equal. (Vanity Fair)

Excerpt from Christopher Ciccone’s tell-all about sister Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s relationship. With a twinge of spite but nevertheless humorous. (Times Online)

It’s finally ok for men to wear shorts. Obama as “Progress”, while men’s shorts as the next step in Men’s Lib?

German Pre-War Paintings at MoMA: Expressionistic and vibrant. (“Kirchner and the Berlin Street”)

VICE Photo Show 2008