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About A Boy: Michelle Williams graces the blog page of Boy, a designer for preppy basics (T blog)

The economic turmoil does not apply to New York Magazine (Folio)

A Journalist’s Worst Fear (Boston Phoenix)

How Coca-Cola Can Influence Foreign Aid (Treehugger)

The East Village of the ’80s (NYT)

Finally, a textbook that reinvents medical procedure for war surgeons (NYT)

In Search of Zen: How One Woman Became A Buddhist Nun (Guardian UK)

Journalism “Made to Order”
August 2, 2008, 12:24 am
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Russian journalist, Sergey Gorshkov, runs the site, a high-traffic political intersection. Mind you the site sometimes encounters “technical difficulties”, usually around Russia’s election season. Gorshkov accepts bribes from political figures running smear campaigns against their opponents. Though, by definition, he is the antithesis of objective journalism, Gorshkov defends his job as an “objective” conduit between the public and Russia’s corrupt government. For years, journalists have lost their lives trying to publish the truth. According to Wired, Gorshkov’s blog is the closest thing that Russia has to objective journalism, as a document of raw political activity – regardless of the reliability of his information.

Apparently Gorshkov charges around $600 to $800 per post, depending upon the salaciousness of the information. In so doing he’s perhaps earning more than textbook journalists in The Land of the Free.

The Easy Way Out
July 8, 2008, 6:21 am
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Insightful article about accessible methods of suicide.

“The Urge to End It All” by Scott Anderson (NY Times)

Anderson’s Q&A with NY Mag from a few years back is just as fascinating about the journalism industry and the writer himself. His book, “Moonlight Hotel”, details the detriment of US occupancy in a fictional country resembling the Middle East. Still relevant as we head to that vast unknown called the future.

Also check out “The Mysteries of the Suicide Tourist” by Phil Zabriskie (NY Mag) – discussing how New York glamour turns on, not just aspiring artists and musicians, but people looking to end their lives.

Mexico is anything but boring
July 5, 2008, 3:58 am
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Mexican flag Photo: Esparata

Next to Iraq, Mexico is listed as the second most dangerous country for journalists, according to a story published in VICE.

The impunity rate for murders of members of the press over there is a reassuring 92 percent. Last year, men in a four-by-four pulled up outside Tabasco Hoy, a leading newspaper, and delivered the severed head of a local councillor in a cooler-box. – “Open Season on Journalists” by Bruno Bayley

Other dangerous locations for press: Somalia, the Phillipines, Colombia, Russia, Haiti, Iraq, the Middle East, and Africa. (BBC)

Also featured in VICE – for that off-the-beaten-path “tourist” destination:

The homemade porn industry

UFO and paranormal sightings

And of course, the US-Mexico Arms War (CN Portfolio)