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Journalism “Made to Order”
August 2, 2008, 12:24 am
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Russian journalist, Sergey Gorshkov, runs the site, a high-traffic political intersection. Mind you the site sometimes encounters “technical difficulties”, usually around Russia’s election season. Gorshkov accepts bribes from political figures running smear campaigns against their opponents. Though, by definition, he is the antithesis of objective journalism, Gorshkov defends his job as an “objective” conduit between the public and Russia’s corrupt government. For years, journalists have lost their lives trying to publish the truth. According to Wired, Gorshkov’s blog is the closest thing that Russia has to objective journalism, as a document of raw political activity – regardless of the reliability of his information.

Apparently Gorshkov charges around $600 to $800 per post, depending upon the salaciousness of the information. In so doing he’s perhaps earning more than textbook journalists in The Land of the Free.