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As you’ve probably heard, the summer’s about over

l mag summerscreen

It’s been a while since the last entry, but I swear there was a good excuse – the results of which can be found here, here, and here by various photographers.

The weekend prior involved pig roasting over a bonfire and a boombox-drenched dance party in the back of a yellow school bus. Check out photosmore photos and even more photos. For now, so long to the Going Places (Doing Stuff) tour.

Also, The L Mag wrapped its Summerscreen series on Tuesday with “Rushmore”, while “Blue Velvet” screened the night before to make up for a Rain Day. Remember how diabolical Dennis Hopper’s performance was? I can’t get “Candy Colored Clown” out of my head today, thanks. 

Indeed I’m sad to see the summer go. It almost feels like I’ve just JUST settled into that newly purchased bathing suit, which will now have to hibernate in the “sweater box”. However, here’s to having an excuse for wearing cardigans, scarves (like they aren’t worn during the summer, people), and fashionable boots (!). Inevitably and without further ado, bring on the cool weather shenanigans.

*Paul Rudd at McCarren *

paul rudd

Last night, The L Magazine screened “Wet Hot American Summer” for its Summerscreen series at McCarren Pool. In attendance to introduce the film were Joe Lo Truglio, Michael Showalter and, yes, Paul Rudd. I’m bummed that I had obligations and couldn’t make the event. Luckily, my friend Adam Au was there to capture it all.

*However (however), I did spot Paul Rudd with the director of “The Shape of Things” in my college town a while back. Rudd had attended The University of Kansas in Lawrence for a year.