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Mexico is anything but boring
July 5, 2008, 3:58 am
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Mexican flag Photo: Esparata

Next to Iraq, Mexico is listed as the second most dangerous country for journalists, according to a story published in VICE.

The impunity rate for murders of members of the press over there is a reassuring 92 percent. Last year, men in a four-by-four pulled up outside Tabasco Hoy, a leading newspaper, and delivered the severed head of a local councillor in a cooler-box. – “Open Season on Journalists” by Bruno Bayley

Other dangerous locations for press: Somalia, the Phillipines, Colombia, Russia, Haiti, Iraq, the Middle East, and Africa. (BBC)

Also featured in VICE – for that off-the-beaten-path “tourist” destination:

The homemade porn industry

UFO and paranormal sightings

And of course, the US-Mexico Arms War (CN Portfolio)