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carla bruni1

Carla Bruni as a modern Jackie O, Sarkozy’s femininistic equal. (Vanity Fair)

Excerpt from Christopher Ciccone’s tell-all about sister Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s relationship. With a twinge of spite but nevertheless humorous. (Times Online)

It’s finally ok for men to wear shorts. Obama as “Progress”, while men’s shorts as the next step in Men’s Lib?

German Pre-War Paintings at MoMA: Expressionistic and vibrant. (“Kirchner and the Berlin Street”)

VICE Photo Show 2008

Mexico is anything but boring
July 5, 2008, 3:58 am
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Mexican flag Photo: Esparata

Next to Iraq, Mexico is listed as the second most dangerous country for journalists, according to a story published in VICE.

The impunity rate for murders of members of the press over there is a reassuring 92 percent. Last year, men in a four-by-four pulled up outside Tabasco Hoy, a leading newspaper, and delivered the severed head of a local councillor in a cooler-box. – “Open Season on Journalists” by Bruno Bayley

Other dangerous locations for press: Somalia, the Phillipines, Colombia, Russia, Haiti, Iraq, the Middle East, and Africa. (BBC)

Also featured in VICE – for that off-the-beaten-path “tourist” destination:

The homemade porn industry

UFO and paranormal sightings

And of course, the US-Mexico Arms War (CN Portfolio)